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Century 21’s Top Agent Offers Unmatched Boutique-Style Service and Large Firm Resources

Century 21’s Top Agent

Century 21’s Top Agent

With her sister’s coaching and guidance, Dania Perry took up a career in real estate, and when she did, the world of realty met its match.

Originally an electrical engineer – precision, accuracy and data were an important part of her work. As a realtor, she brings that experience and dedication to her real estate career—and has been making a critical difference in the lives of her clients ever since.

Perry is Century 21’s #1 Realtor in the world in gross commission—a title she’s held for the last five consecutive years. She’s also been the company’s #1 Realtor in the United States for
the past six years.

She was awarded Century 21’s Double Centurion Award her first year in business even though she started her career right at the crux
of the 2008 economic downturn.

With her commitment to customer service and her data-driven approach, it’s no surprise Perry is one of the most awarded realtors in the Tampa Bay Area. “When someone hires me,” she states, “they get me. I take great personal pride in delivering outstanding service and exceptionally detailed market knowledge. After just an hour of time together, buyers and sellers come away with a high degree of confidence about the real estate marketplace and their homes of interest.”

Providing boutique-style service, Perry handles the comprehensive market analysis, marketing and media publications, contract negotiations, and is present for her showings. “I pick up the phone when people call me,” she says, “I know it sounds really simple, but it is so critical . It is important to me for each and every client to feel like he or she is my only client, which is the reason that I take calls at all hours of the day, every day.”

She walks clients through every step of the process and has a keen understanding of the emotional—and financial—undertaking buying or selling a home can be.

What’s more, Perry provides her clients with clarity and confidence thanks to her data-driven background. “I always have my
spreadsheets handy,” Perry states.

Using market data and presenting it in an easily understandable format, Perry personally helps her clients make informed decisions, which garners their trust and brings a sense of ease to the oftenstressful process of buying or selling a home.

“My goals are always about the satisfaction and happiness of clients,” Perry says. “Critical to that is my accuracy, attention to detail
and trustworthiness – responsibilities I take very seriously..”

Perry’s spreadsheet is her staple, and her clients know she is providing them with correct, useful information. “I do everything
with a spreadsheet. Even my honeymoon was on a spreadsheet,” she jokes.

She also knows the value and appeal of the Tampa Bay area market. “We’re the best kept secret in Florida,” she says, “and quite possibly the best waterfront values in the country.” “We have incredible waterfront property, beautiful gulf beaches and easy access to a highly acclaimed international airport. You match that with the prices of this area and our extensive infrastructure and conveniences, and you’re really in for tremendous value.”

For unparalleled service and a unique, analytical approach, look no further than your backyard. Dania Perry is ready to help, with spreadsheet in hand.

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